Child Custody

Child custody can be one of the most emotionally charged issues in the divorce process. When parents cannot reach an agreement regarding custody of their children, the court will make the decision. It is important to have a family lawyer who is knowledgeable about Texas child custody laws.

Under Texas law, it is presumed that it is in the best interest of the children that both parents jointly manage conservatorship. This doesn’t mean that the parents will evenly split time with their children. It does mean that both parents will share in important decisions regarding their child’s health and education.

If the parents cannot agree on a child custody schedule, then the matter will go before a family court judge. The judge will review the evidence in the case to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Evidence may include psychological evaluations, social worker studies, the child’s preference (if the are older that 12 years old), and witness testimony. The court may also take into account misconduct by one of the parents. Custody orders can be modified if there is a substantial change in circumstance or the current order is no longer reasonable.

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