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Being sued by Credit Union of Texas?

If you found your way to this web page, then you are probably being sued by Credit Union of Texas. Credit Union of Texas files lawsuits throughout the State of Texas for debt collection.

Don’t panic. Being sued is a scary, nerve-wracking experience. Most people have no experience with the court system, so there are a lot of unknowns. We may be able to help you with this situation, but you need to act quickly.

Don’t ignore the problem. A large percentage of defendants who are sued ignore the lawsuit, and as a result, the plaintiff may win automatically. Hiring an attorney to represent you greatly increases your chances of a successful outcome in this matter.

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But isn’t hiring an attorney expensive?

We charge a simple flat fee for debt lawsuit defense. Flat fees mean that you will be told our price in advance, and we won’t charge you more, no matter how much time is needed on your case. We offer free consultations to discuss your situation and affordable monthly payment plans.

I knew it was the right choice
When I chose Graham legal I knew it was the right choice. Her team helped me understand how things work in the world of the court system. She has won my first case and now I trust her and her team to help me with two other cases that are pending. And I know we will win them as well. I recommend Jessica Graham and the Law firm of Graham Legal.
- R.G.
Superb Legal Services!!!
Graham Legal Services and Jessica specifically is amazing! She took the time to really understand our situation and gave us great insights on what options we could pursue to handle our legal matters. This firm really takes the time to help you and not just bill for the time. I highly recommend Jessica for anybody needing bankruptcy and debt issues. We felt much better about our situation after meeting with Jessica!
- R.P.
Our Team

Graham Legal, PLLC makes hiring an attorney affordable and easy. We offer free consultations and simple flat-fee payment plans throughout the State of Texas. We can setup everything over the phone and by email, so you won’t need to travel to our office or miss work. Flat rates mean that you will never be surprised by our fees, and you will never pay us more than we initially quote – no matter how much time is needed on your case. Once you retain us, we begin working for you to save you time and money.

Defend You

Once you hire our firm, we take over and defend you in the lawsuit. This means we work so you don’t have to. Most of our clients never have to set foot inside a courtroom. We begin by filing an answer with the court, assert any appropriate legal defenses, respond to and draft discovery as needed, respond to motions, attend all hearings and Court appearances, and most importantly, we make the creditor work hard to prove their case. During the litigation process, we keep you informed of the status of your case and work closely with you to get it resolved.

Your Case
is Resolved

Graham Legal, PLLC strives to maintain a very high-resolution rate for our clients. Cases can be resolved by dismissal, settlements involving substantial reductions and payment plans, and winning at trial. Each case is different, and its resolution is dependent on several factors such as the court, creditor, creditor attorneys, evidence provided, and your individual circumstance. Additionally, all settlements and agreements are carefully reviewed by our attorneys to offer you piece of mind. Our team is on your side when you need it most and will protect you throughout the entire process.

What happens if you fight the lawsuit?

Many people sued by debt collectors do not hire an attorney. If you do nothing then they win. If you hire an attorney:

  • The plaintiff may dismiss the lawsuit for financial reasons. Sometimes it is simply too expensive to collect a debt. If it appears to the creditor that they will not get an easy default judgment then they may decide not to pursue the lawsuit.
  • The plaintiff may dismiss the lawsuit because there are defects in their case. It can be very difficult for creditors to prove that you actually owe the money they are suing you for. In many cases, the debt has been sold and transferred several times, and it can be difficult to establish a chain of title.
  • The plaintiff may offer to settle the lawsuit. When the plaintiff finds out that you have an attorney, they may offer to settle the lawsuit. These settlements are often for significantly less that the amount listed in the lawsuit.
Very responsive, educated and respectful response
I have been using Graham legal for a collections dispute. Jessica and her firm have been very responsive. They charge an exact fee, not percentages. They have answered all of my questions directly and do not try scare tactics to gain your business. They have been extremely professional but personable as well.
- A.T.

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By now I am sure you have a lot of questions. We offer free consultations. Please call us at 800-296-9127 to find out how we can help.

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Jessica Sharma Graham

Jessica Graham is proud to be an attorney. In the role of consumer advocate for her clients, she is given the opportunity to help Texans protect their homes, vehicles, and their family’s financial future. Jessica takes great satisfaction in being able to guide her clients through their darkest hours.

Nathan Graham

Nathan Graham is a managing attorney at Graham Legal, PLLC. He represents individuals and small businesses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Nathan is passionate about helping his clients save their homes, protect their vehicles from repossession, and obtain a fresh financial start.

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