Bankruptcy Attorney

Collection Calls. Foreclosure. Lawsuits. Repossession. Garnishment. Help is one phone call away.

If you are unable to pay your debt, then you are probably very familiar with debt collection.  We understand that times are tough and that you need help, and that is exactly what we offer.  We help good people who are struggling with debt get a fresh start.

What do we do? We are bankruptcy attorneys.

We represent individuals just like you in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  Bankruptcy can:

  • Protect your home from foreclosure
  • Protect your vehicles from repossession
  • Stop collection calls and letters
  • Prevent lawsuits and stop pending litigation
  • End garnishment of wages and bank accounts
  • Eliminate many types of debt

Don’t confuse bankruptcy attorneys with other types of debt relief like debt consolidation and debt settlement.  We don’t need your creditors to cooperate with us in order to help you and we aren’t refinancing your debt.  Bankruptcy is federal law designed to help people wipe out their debt, protect their property, and get a fresh start.

Don’t Be Fooled By Bad Information About Bankruptcy

If you’re like most people then you have put off contacting a bankruptcy attorney until you had no other choice.  You may have read horror stories online.  You may have heard that if you file bankruptcy your credit score will be ruined forever, you’ll never be able to buy another house or car, and you’ll lose all your property.  Don’t believe all that nonsense!

Most people that file bankruptcy in Texas get to keep everything they own after their case ends.  We have clients that purchase new houses and new cars while they are in active bankruptcy cases.  Most of our clients find that their credit score is higher a year after filing bankruptcy than it was before filing.  The bottom line is that there is a lot of bad information online about bankruptcy.  Most of this information is written by creditors that don’t want you to file bankruptcy or by people that simply don’t know what they are talking about.

We Promise To Make The Process As Simple As Possible

Bankruptcy is a very complex area of the law.  Bankruptcy attorneys must become familiar with the Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the Local Rules, and state law.  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are very complicated legal processes.  It is important for you to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney who is familiar with filing cases in the district in which you live.

There are a lot of bankruptcy attorneys out there that are very good at practicing law but have poor people skills.  In fact, most complaints filed against lawyers are for failure to simply return phone calls.  We understand the importance of customer service.  We promise to:

  • Return your phone calls promptly
  • Keep you informed of what is happening in your case
  • Reply to your emails within a reasonable amount of time
  • Use plain language (not legalize) when discussing your case
  • Treat you with the respect you deserve

We Offer Free Consultations. Call (469) 213-1531.

We understand that you are struggling with money right now.  You may want to speak with an attorney about filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy but are concerned about the cost of a consultation.  At Graham Legal, PLLC we never charge for the initial consultation to discuss bankruptcy.  You can meet with a bankruptcy attorney from our firm for a full hour at no cost.  Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!